Green Industry Investment And Operation

Sinoma Energy Conservation Invest 21 WHR Power Plants in China
SOLID WHR Project---1st Oversea Investment WHR Project of China by Sinoma Energy Conservation
APO WHR Project --- BOT project of Sinoma Energy Conservation in the overseas market

Sinoma Energy Conservation's investment fields include industrial waste heat and pressure utilization, environmental protection and governance, carbon technology and carbon asset management, ORC technology application, and "source, network, load and storage" comprehensive energy utilization.

Utilizing its capital and technology advantages, the company has completed a total of 21 investments in waste heat power plant projects through BOOT, EMC and other business models. 

Customers sometimes face financing difficulties, lack of professional knowledge in turnkey projects, and the need for training or outsourcing of operation and maintenance, Sinoma Energy Conservation is willing to help. Sinoma Energy Conservation can provides all-round services from financing to operation, and at the same time, it applies the latest research and development achievements in a timely manner in accordance with the actual working conditions of the customers, so as to maximize the benefits of the customers.